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CADIZ – Seniors from Harrison Central received close to $ 1 million in local and institutional scholarship money on May 15 during Senior Awards Night.

The Valedictorian for the Class of 2022 is Aiden Sliva, while the salutatorian is Benjamin Puskarich.

The Senior Top 10 includes Aiden Sliva, Benjamin Puskarich, Destiny Arnold, McKayla Dunkle, Joenus Jones, Tristen Kovarik, Mackinley Marshall, Michaela Palmer, Jenna Young and Zane Zeigler

Ohio Honors Diploma candidates include Destiny Arnold, Kenzi Bailey, Nathan Bertolino, McKayla Dunkle, Joenus Jones, Tristen Kovarik, Riley Kubic, Kasey Novak, Michaela Palmer, Benjamin Puskarich, Alexys Reynolds, Aleyna Runevitch, Aiden Sliva, Matthew Smith, Todd Stringer, Kadence Tanner, Avery Wallace and Zane Zeigler.

Military awards, honors cords: Destiny Arnold, Air Force; Nathan Bertolino, Navy; Colton Howell, Navy; and Trevor Helmick, Ohio National Guard.

Vitalant Scholarships, $ 250: Skys Goldsborough and Maggie Goudy.

Robert Hugh Scholarship, $ 500: McKayla Dunkle and Michaela Palmer.

Robert Kidder Scholarship, $ 1,000: Aiden Sliva, McKayla Dunkle, Michaela Palmer, Ben Puskarich, Mackinley Marshall and Tristen Kovarik.

Fleagane Memorial Scholarship, $ 1,000: Mackinley Marshall and Kadence Tanner.

Jenkins Family Scholarship, $ 1,500: McKayla Dunkle, Aiden Sliva, Jenna Young, Mackinley Marshall and Matthew Smith.

Ray Kroc Award, $ 250: Ben Puskarich.

Taylor Dowdle Memorial Foundation Scholarship, $ 500: Aiden Sliva, McKayla Dunkle, Todd Stringer and Tristen Kovarik.

Lucas D. Sedgmer Memorial Scholarship, $ 1,000: Aiden Sliva, McKayla Dunkle, Ben Puskarich, Todd Stringer, Jenna Young, Mackinley Marshall, Tristen Kovarik, Aleyna Runevitch and Kathryn Scott.

Ourant Schoolhouse Memorial Scholarship, $ 500: Aiden Sliva, McKayla Dunkle and Michaela Palmer.

Flushing Masonic Lodge No. 298, $ 500: Aiden Sliva, McKayla Dunkle, Kadence Tanner and Xander Barcroft.

Woman’s Club of Adena, $ 500: Jenna Young.

Sons of American Legion Post 525 (Adena), $ 500: Aiden Sliva, Jenna Young and Sarah Touville.

Sons of American Legion Post 34 (Cadiz), $ 1,000: Aiden Sliva.

Chuck Yoho Scholarship by Sons of the American Legion, $ 500: Kadence Tanner.

American Legion Riders, $ 1,000: Aiden Sliva.

Woodsfield Savings Bank Scholarship, $ 750: Joenus Jones.

Renee McGill Scholarship, $ 1,000: Edwin Todd Stinger.

ADK Scholarship, $ 300: Kadence Tanner.

SHP Scholarship, $ 1,000: McKayla Dunkle.

HHTA Scholarships, $ 500: Michaela Palmer, Jenna Young and Kadence Tanner.

Harrison County Retired Teachers Scholarship, $ 400: Michaela Palmer.

Knowledge Dining Fork Ruritan Scholarship, $ 500 and $ 750: Jenna Young and McKayla Dunkle.

Scio Dining Fork Ruritans, $ 500: Destiny Arnold, Joenus Jones, Tristen Kovarik, Michaela Palmer, Benjamin Puskarich, Matthew Smith, Edwin Todd Stringer, Kadence Tanner, Avery Wallace and Jenna Young.

Harrison Central Alumni Scholarship, $ 325: Aiden Sliva, McKayla Dunkle and Michaela Palmer.

Harrison County Cancer Crusaders, $ 250: McKayla Dunkle and Todd Stringer.

Jimmy Ward Scholarship, $ 500: Todd Stringer, Maggie Goudy and Sarah Touville.

Scio Alumni Association Scholarships, $ 5,000: McKayla Dunkle.

Jewett Alumni Association, $ 1,000: McKayla Dunkle, Maggie Goudy and Tristen Miser.

Harrison County OSU Alumni Scholarship, $ 5,000: Aiden Sliva.

Cadiz Alumni Scholarships, $ 25,650:

Chase Hervey, Jefferson County Christian School, the Dean Scott Baker and Virena Baker Meyers Scholarship, $ 1,000.

Xander Barcroft, Harrison Career Center, the Larry Bossell Memorial Scholarship, $ 1,000.

Michalea Palmer, the John and Margaret Tabacchi Scholarship, $ 6,000.

Ben Puskarich, the Drs. Ajit and Shankuntala Modi Scholarship, $ 2,500, and the Isabel Clifford Memorial Scholarship, $ 800.

Aiden Sliva, the $ 3,000 James and Agnes Bertz Scholarship, and the $ 1,000 Ron Mazeroski Memorial Scholarship.

Mckayla Dunkle, the Betty Kirkland Leadership Award, $ 2,200, and the William Parlett Athletic Scholarship $ 300.

Todd Stringer, the Taylor and Sylvia Cope Family Scholarship, $ 1,000, and the Mark Beetham Memorial Scholarship, $ 300.

Maggie Goudy, the Nancy Rogers Geanangel Scholarship, $ 1,500, and the Rupert Beetham Memorial Scholarship, $ 250.

Mack Marshall, the Thomas and Rachel Frew Scholarship, $ 1,000, and the James Kenny Memorial Scholarship, $ 1,000.

Jenna Young, the Welsh Family Scholarship Award, $ 1,800, and the Grace Fleming Hall Memorial Scholarship, $ 1,000.

Wall of Fame: Trevor Carman: Second Team All-Ohio 2020; McKayla Dunkle: Second Team All-Ohio 2020-2021, basketball, and Third Team All-Ohio 2021-2022 basketball.

Bo Mann Scholarship, $ 500: Aiden Sliva.

James Altavilla Memorial Golf Scholarship, $ 500: Aiden Sliva.

Fred ‘Kit’ Ellzy Softball Scholarship: Jenna Young.

Harrison Central Band Boosters Scholarship, $ 300: Mackinley Marshall, Todd Stringer, Maggie Goudy, Abigail Creamer, Joshua Donahue and Devan Woods.

Huskies Sports Foundation Awards, $ 500: Huskies Sports Foundation Memorial Scholarship Male Scholar Athlete, Aiden Sliva; Huskies Sports Foundation Memorial Scholarship Female Scholar Athlete, McKayla Dunkle.

Four-Year Academic Letter Award: Caden Anthony, McKayla Dunkle, Joenus Jones, Michaela Palmer, Ben Puskarich, Alexys Reynolds and Aiden Sliva.

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